Hong Kong Table Tennis Association League Tournament 2018

More than a decade has passed in a blink since the establishment of the Law Society Table Tennis Team and I am thankful for being part of its journey.

It has always been a tough row to hoe to gather all key players for competitions given their hectic schedules. This year, our Team has achieved a breakthrough under the leadership of our new captain, vice-captain and convenor by participating in the annual League Tournament organised by the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association. There are nine teams joining our division in the Tournament and we will be playing 18 matches in total.

On 4 July, our Team played its first match against a private club. Although we did not win, our players’ skills have been honed for the games to come.

Most importantly, both teams found the match a very enjoyable experience. Besides, our Team has new key players participating in the Tournament and we are expecting more new faces in the near future.

Reported by: Andrew Lam