InnoTech Law Hackathon: Belt & Road Justice Challenge

Following the success of the Access to Justice InnoTech Law Hackathon in April, where over 120 participants produced 25 technology solutions to enhance access to justice, the Law Society will host the first ever Belt & Road Justice Challenge (“the BRJ Hackathon”) on 28 September. We are introducing new problem scenarios and a novel competition format.

The BRJ Hackathon is a one-day competition where people meet to collaborate and engage in developing technology-based solutions to address problems arising from the theme of accessing legal services in the Belt and Road region. It will be held on the same day as the Law Society’s Belt and Road Conference entitled “The ABC to Building a Smart Belt and Road: Law and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cloud” at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Participants will build their own “law bot” using natural language processing technologies and make an “A.I. brain” to help provide basic legal information. They will then train their “law bot” to “reason” and process queries on simple legal concepts via various input and output models (e.g. verbal Q&A, optical character recognition (“OCR”)). The output will be delivered by plugging in one or more digital “body parts” of their own choice (e.g. application programming interface modules such as OCR (“eyes”), text to speech (“mouth”), speech to text (“ears”) and other frameworks including chatbot and dashboard). We also encourage participants to optimise the user interface and user experience of their digital “body part” for effective access by users.

The problem scenarios will be released to the participants before the competition and the participants will present their tech solutions to a judging panel on 28 September. Each team's solution will be tested during the pitch session for their enhanced cognitive abilities to handle simple legal queries and interactions with lay clients.

We welcome teams of 2-6 with an interest in the law and technology field to join. No coding experience is required for all participants but we do encourage teams to have at least one or two members with beginner level coding or website development skills. We will provide a training workshop in the relevant software development platform and off-site mentoring to equip the participants with the basic skills for the BRJ Hackathon.

Join us and innovate for the Belt and Road and justice!