Introduction to Criminal Law Lecture – Murder

On 15th July 2020 Aruna Verma Associate Professor of The University of Law Hong Kong delivered a lecture titled “Introduction to Criminal Law Lecture –Murder”.

Aruna started with the definition of murder and its punishment. She noted that murder is considered to be the most serious offence that anyone could commit. In the UK murder was formerly a capital offence, leading to the death penalty until it was suspended in 1965 and finally abolished in 1969. Today a conviction of murder results in a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment. But how does the law actually define ‘murder’ in the UK? How is murder distinguished from other homicide offences, such as death caused by gross negligence, manslaughter or death caused by dangerous driving? In this lecture, students learnt about the legal definition of murder and the elements required to secure a conviction, Aruna also helped them to look at defences and partial defences to murder under UK law. 

Aruna went through some examples of murder cases and asked the audience to state whether they thought the defendant was guilty or not of murder, after some fruitful interaction and discussion Aruna went through the elements of the offence the participants were very informed to find that perhaps the defendant had or could be eligible to use a defence in law to negate or to partially negate their liability. 

The Speaker Series at The University of Law continued on Tuesday, the 28th of July with a lecture from John Wright who went through the process from arrest to prosecution and the elements which are required.

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