The Law Society Donates Masks

In view of the tight supply of sanitary items, particularly surgical masks, amid the outbreak, the Law Society tries its best to help more people in need and inject positive energy into the community.

President Melissa Pang, had sourced a batch of surgical masks thanks to her international connections and donated 10,000 masks to the Law Society for onward donation to Hong Kong Association of Myasthenia Gravis through TVB’s supplies-matching programme. The recipients were patients suffering from myasthenia gravis which is a rare autoimmune disorder causing the immune system to mistakenly attacks the body, resulting in muscle weakness. Patients of this disease who have been relying on walking aids or wheelchair every day find it more difficult than others to go out to purchase masks.

President Melissa Pang, Vice-President CM Chan and three Council Members visited the Community Rehabilitation Network Center on 14 March to give the masks to the beneficiaries. Some of them expressed the difficulties they encountered during the epidemic and the joy of receiving the masks.

President Melissa Pang (second from right), Vice-President CM Chan (third from left), Council Members Pierre Chan (first from right), Eric Cheung (second from left) and Karen Lam (first from left) participated in the masks donation campaign.

Representatives of the Law Society and recipients of the masks.