The Law Society of Hong Kong Dragon Boat Team – 2017 Review
Event date: 
31 December 2017

2017 has been a long year for the Dragon Boat Team. In the first half of the year, the team started strongly with tremendous results in the Stanley Warm-Up Race and the Sun Life Stanley International Championships. However, luck was not on their side towards the end, and the team could only capture the 2nd Runner-Up at the Legal Professional Cup and 1st Runner-Up in the lower division of the RSCP Dragon Boat Race, both held in June.

After a short July break, the team recharged and regrouped for the second half of the year. The team started with a short-course race in Cheung Chau in September, followed by another short-course race in Macau in October. It is the second consecutive year that the Law Society was represented in Macau. This year, the team fielded a men’s team and a women’s team, and the men’s team staged a strong performance by finishing first in the qualifying round and directly proceeding to the semi-finals.

To draw this year to a close, the team would like to thank all past and current team members for their tireless commitment, and the Recreation and Sports Committee for its support. Dragon boating is a tough but amazing sport that demands every stroke and inch from the team. If you are looking for a sporting challenge, please contact the team at!

Mr. Roden Tong, Council Member and Vice Chairman of the Recreation and Sports Committee (right on front row) and the Law Society Dragon Boat Team at the 7th Legal Professional Cup.

Our Men’s & Women’s Teams at the Macau Mid-Autumn Race.