Law Society Table Tennis Team crowned Division Champion at the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association League Tournament 2018

It is truly a proud chapter of our table tennis team by winning the championship in Division II of the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association (“HKTTA”) League Tournament 2018 (the “Tournament”). This was the first time our team participated in an open tournament organised by HKTTA.

There were nine teams in our division and the Tournament was divided into two rounds over the course of six months from July to December 2018. Upon completion of the first round, we were still on par with another team but we were the only team to remain on top at the end of the second round. Mr. Lit Tat Sing of our team even came second in the ranking of the Most-Valued Male Player.

The top three teams in each division were qualified to participate in the Final Challenge Cup which was held on 5 January. One of the highlights of the finals was the mixed doubles matches where players were required to play with “sandpaper” paddles which made the spin less predictable.

Road to victory was smooth until the semi-finals. Despite facing strong rivals, our team still managed to win the mixed doubles and women’s single and also fought till the very last set in both the women’s single and men's doubles. Although we missed the ultimate championship at the end, it was definitely a glorious defeat.

Hats off to every team member for devoting their time to participate in the Tournament, where matches were held after office hours, and all their hard work dedicated to practicing for the league. We look forward to scaling new heights in the matches ahead!

Reported by: Lam Ching Ha Natalie

Photo credits to Hong Kong Table Tennis Association.