Law Week 2016

The first Law Week in 1991 evinced the aspiration of the Law Society to enhance the community’s legal knowledge and to promote available legal services in the community. New features are introduced from time-to-time to gauge the needs of different social segments.

This year, Law Week made use of popular media channels, including TV, radio and social media, to share legal knowledge with the general public. The President and Council members were invited to participate in the legal features broadcast on ViuTV and Commercial Radio. The President chatted with five children in one TV episode, discussing topics that ranged from pursing a legal career, to solicitors’ ethics and the legal aid system. Both programmes were well received.

Apart from the media broadcasts, Law Week held two legal community talks at Chiang Chen Studio Theatre on 8 and 20 December, attracting over 120 and 150 attendances respectively.

As in previous years, the opening of Law Week was held on the same day as Teen Talk on 17 December. We were honoured to have the Hon. C. Y. Leung, the Chief Executive of HKSAR; the Hon. Geoffrey Ma, the Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal; the Hon.Rimsky Yuen SC, the Secretary for Justice of HKSAR; Mr. Dennis Kwok, Legislative Council Member (Legal Functional Constituency); Mr.Thomas Edward Kwong, Director of Legal Aid; and Ms. Winnie Tam SC, then-Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association, joining our President Thomas So and Ms.Ann Yeung, Chairlady of Law Week 2016 Organising Committee, to kick-off the opening ceremony.

The huge success of Law Week 2016 was attributable to the tireless effort of the Organising Committee and the staunch support of the Council and the event’s officiating guests. The Law Society is also grateful for the sponsorship from the Legal Aid Department.

The Chief Executive of HKSAR, the Hon. C. Y. Leung (Centre); the Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal, the Hon. Geoffrey Ma; Secretary for Justice, Rimsky Yuen SC; Director of Legal Aid, Thomas Edward Kwong; President of the Law Society, Thomas So; then-Chairman of Hong Kong Bar Association, Winnie Tam SC; Council members, distinguished guests and Law Week Organising Committee members shared the joy of celebrating Law Week’s 25th anniversary.

Officiating guests, Council members, Standing Committee on External Affairs members, distinguished guests, Law Week and Teen Talk Organising Committee members and over 800 students participated in the event.