Lecture by Justice Tao Kaiyuan: The Development and Reform of the Judicial Protection of Intellectual Properties in China

Justice Tao Kaiyuan, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC visited Hong Kong in October, during which, she delivered a lecture at the City University of Hong Kong to introduce the development and reform of the judicial protection of intellectual properties in China.

The number of cases relating the disputes in intellectual properties has experienced a radical increase since 2013. While the mainland courts continue to accumulate experiences in intellectual properties, reforms on some key mechanisms such as evidence rules, infringements compensation, and technical facts have been carried out. The Judiciary is actively and intently investing into the establishment of a case system where guiding cases and reference cases coexist.

In addition, Intellectual Property Courts have been successively established in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The trial mechanism for Intellectual Property cases is continuously being improved.

The level of internationalisation and international influence of the mainland judicial protection on intellectual property has been significantly enhanced. Representatives from mainland courts have participated in several important international conferences and contributed in the making of international treaties and regulations for intellectual properties.

Lastly, Justice Tao encouraged the law students in Hong Kong to experience the law practice in mainland and take part in the judicial exchange activities.