"Legal Pioneer" Mentorship Microfilm Activity

The Judging Session of Phase 9 “Legal Pioneer” Mentorship Programme 2017-2018 organised by the Community Relations Committee (“CRC”) was successfully held on 21 July at Chiang Chen Studio Theatre in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Over 100 students, teachers and mentors as well as approximately 30 members of Law Society gathered to joyfully celebrate the hard work of accomplished students.

The microfilm topic for the Phase 9 Mentionship Programme was “Cyber Crime”. Nine participating school teams were required to produce a 5-minute microfilm on the assigned legal topic with the legal support provided by their mentors. The microfilm production process created an opportunity for these students to learn the legal aspect of the assigned topics. At the same time, it also helped them to identify their strengths, improve their presentation techniques, interpersonal communication skills, and build up their confidence.

It was a great pleasure to have Mr. John Chong, Honorary Consultant of the Academy of Film of Hong Kong Baptist University, to join the judging panel. Other panel members included President Melissa Pang, CRC Chairman Philip Wong, CRC Vice-Chairlady Ann Yeung and “Legal Pioneer” Mentorship Programme Working Group Chairman Nathan Wong. Council members Nick Chan and Serina Chan also attended the event.

One of the event’s highlights was the sharing by Mr. John Chong and Mr. Marcus Wong. As a movie industry practitioner, Mr. Chong shared his insight on what are the criteria for making a great movie to the participants. Meanwhile, Mr. Wong, an aspiring student in acting and performing act, shared his academic studies and experiences on how to make a great performance. Participants were enriched and thoroughly enjoyed the event.

President Melissa Pang strongly encouraged students to participate in a variety of activities especially those designed for teenagers and arranged by the Law Society during her opening speech. A total of five tokens of recognition including “The Most Outstanding Work”, “The Most Appreciative Work”, “The Work with the Best Legal Content”, “The Most Creative Work”, and “My Favorite Work” were presented at the end of the judging session.

Participating students gathered on the stage to share the joyous moment with their mentors and guests.

All participants had a joyful moment.

Council members Serina Chan and Nick Chan (third and fifth from left), CRC Vice-Chairlady Ann Yeung (sixth from left), Mr. Marcus Wong (seventh from left), President Melissa Pang (middle), Mr. John Chong (seventh from right), CRC Chairman Philip Wong and “Legal Pioneer” Mentorship Programme Working Group Chairman Nathan Wong (sixth and fifth from right) with the members of CRC and Working Group.

(From left to right) President Melissa Pang, Mr. John Chong and CRC Chairman Philip Wong.