Legal Trivia Quiz #26

Having plumbed the depths of Hong Kong (and a bit of Chinese) legal history, the Hong Kong Lawyer’s legal history quiz will now principally focus on common law and Asian jurisdictions.

The questions have been prepared by Douglas Clark, Barrister. Suggestions for questions to appear in next month’s journal are most welcome.


1. Is it legal in Hong Kong for a person riding a bicycle on a road to carry another person?

A. No.
B. Yes.
C. Yes, but only if an appropriate seat is installed.
D. Yes, but only children under 5 years of age.

2. In what year did a Chinese first sit as a magistrate in Hong Kong?

A. 1856
B. 1880
C. 1921
D. 1948

3. Prior to changing its name to Deacons, the firm was known as Deacon, X and Deacon. What was the name of Mr. X?

A. Paul M Hodgson
B. Herbert W. Looker
C. G.K. Hall Brutton Esq
D. P.W. Goldrimg

4. Which Hong Kong barrister was the son of a former Chinese foreign minister?

A. William Chan
B. Percy Chen
C. Eric Li
D. Robert Wei

5. How many Hong Kong Senior Counsel currently in practice at the bar in Hong Kong are Queen’s Counsel in England?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

6. True or False: One Hong Kong senior counsel was formerly a prison officer?

A. True
B. False

7. How many judges of the Court of First Instance were formerly partners in law firms?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

8. Which American lawyer from Shanghai was interned in Stanley Internment Camp during WWII?

A. Stirling Fessenden
B. Cornell Franklin
C. Norwood Alman
D. H.D. Rodger

9. The United States Court for China was headquartered in which city?

A. Shanghai
B. Tientsin (Tianjin)
C. San Francisco
D. Washington, DC

10. What is the language used in the state and municipal courts of Puerto Rico?

A. Spanish
B. English
C. Spanish and English

Contest Rules: To be eligible to win a bottle of Ch. La Croizille 2007 from Global Vintage Wines Centre, please send your quiz question answers to The first reader to respond with the most correct answers, with no more than 3 incorrect responses, will be deemed the winner. The decision of Thomson Reuters regarding the winner is final and conclusive.


We would like to congratulate WONG Louise Kam Faye, Assistant Solicitor, B. Mak & Co., Solicitors, the winner of our Legal Quiz #25.

Answers to Legal Trivia Quiz #25

1. D. Under Art. 158 of the Basic Law, the Hong Kong courts do not have the power of final adjudication in relation to matters which are the responsibility of the Central People’s Government (ie, Defence and Foreign Affairs), or concerning the relationship between the Central Authorities and the Region .
2. B. False. The High Court was part of the Supreme Court and therefore not subordinate to it.
3. B. Gaelic may only be used as of right in civil cases in certain regional courts in Scotland.
4. B. President Obama is admitted in Illinois.
5. C. The British Supreme Court for China and Japan was headquartered in Shanghai.
6. B. The Hawaii flag includes the Union Jack to honour Hawaii’s friendship with Britain. It was never a British colony.
7. C. The Australian High Court is the final appellate court for Nauru.
8. B & C. New Zealand and Canada have female Chief Justices: Dame Sian Elias and Beverley McLachlin respectively.
9. B. The final appellate court in Singapore is the Singapore Court of Appeal
10. C. Anselmo Reyes is a judge of the Singapore International Commercial Court.



Mr. Clark is a barrister (and former solicitor) practising in Hong Kong. His practice focuses primarily on intellectual property and related areas.  From September 2016, he has been appointed an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong to teach the IP LLM course. Mr. Clark is General Editor and a co-author ofIntellectual Property Rights: Hong Kong SAR and the People’s Republic of China and author of Patent Litigation in China. He has also published a history of British and American extraterritoriality in China, Gunboat Justice