Legal Trivia Quiz #31

This month our questions focus on the never-ending battle in Hong Kong against corruption and corporate malfeasance.

The questions have been prepared by Douglas Clark, Barrister. Suggestions for questions to appear in next month’s journal are most welcome.

1. What year was the Independent Commission Against Corruption established?

A. 1968
B. 1974
C. 1981
D. 1997

2. Who was the first Commissioner of the ICAC?

A. Bertrand de Speville
B. Peter Williams
C. David Jefferson
D. Jack Cater

3. To which body is the ICAC accountable?

A. Legco
B. Exco
C. The Chief Executive

4. Rafael Hui was convicted in 2014 for misconduct in public office and bribery, making him the highest ranking government official in Hong Kong to be convicted of corruption. What was his rank in the civil service?

A. Colonial Secretary
B. Chief Secretary of Administration
C. Chief Executive

5. In the 1980s there was a major corporate scandal in Hong Kong involving numerous fake sales, the largest being the purported purchase and sale of Gammon House (now the Bank of America Tower). What was the name of the group at the centre of this scandal?

A. Carrian Group
B. Charrian Group
C. Karrian Group

6. What was the result of the major trial of members of the group mentioned in Question 5?

A. Acquittals
B. Some were convicted; some acquitted
C. No case to answer
D. A permanent stay was granted

7. The trial judge in the case mentioned above died in a car crash four months after retiring early.

A. True
B. False

8. Which final appellate court ruled soon after the handover that extradition to Hong Kong could continue after the handover as the “one country, two systems” provided sufficient protection for accused persons in Hong Kong.

A. The Supreme Court of Canada
B. The House of Lords
C. The High Court of Australia

9. How many times were prosecutions against members of the Allied Group permanently stayed by first instance judges with the stays later overturned by the Court of Final Appeal?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

10. The head of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was convicted in the 1990s for taking bribes for approving listings.

A. True
B. False

Contest Rules: To be eligible to win a bottle of Ch. La Croizille 2007 from Global Vintage Wines Centre, please send your quiz question answers to The first reader to respond with the most correct answers, with no more than 3 incorrect responses, will be deemed the winner. The decision of Thomson Reuters regarding the winner is final and conclusive.

Answers to Legal Trivia Quiz #30

  1. B. Melvin Wong, currently in practice as a barrister, starred in Two Fists Against the Law.
  2. D. Julian Pauncefote, then British Ambassador to the United States, negotiated the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty that abrogated a previous treaty prohibiting the United States from building a canal in Panama by itself.
  3. C. Peter Nguyen, appointed in 1994, was the first Asian DPP in Hong Kong.
  4. B. Hannen Road (海能路), now Hainan Road (海南路), was named after Nicholas Hannen.
  5. A. The possession of chewing gum is legal in Singapore. It is illegal to import or sell chewing gum except for medicinal purposes.
  6. B. It is not legal to drink water on the MTR. By-Law 27 of the MTR By-laws prohibits the consumption of any food or beverage.
  7. C. Eight out of 26, or 30 percent of Court of First Instance judges are female.
  8. C. Two of the permanent judges of the Court of Final Appeal graduated from the University of Birmingham: Geoffrey Ma and Robert Tang.
  9. B. The British Court for Japan was based in Yokohama.
  10. C. British extraterritoriality formally came to an end in 1943 with the signing and ratification of the Sino-British Treaty for the Relinquishment of Extra-Territorial Rights in China.

We would like to congratulate Joycelyn Ho, LLM student at the University of Hong Kong, the winner of our Legal Quiz #30.


Mr. Clark is a barrister (and former solicitor) practising in Hong Kong. His practice focuses primarily on intellectual property and related areas.  From September 2016, he has been appointed an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong to teach the IP LLM course. Mr. Clark is General Editor and a co-author ofIntellectual Property Rights: Hong Kong SAR and the People’s Republic of China and author of Patent Litigation in China. He has also published a history of British and American extraterritoriality in China, Gunboat Justice