Legal Trivia Quiz #32

As with previous years, in the spirit of the winter holidays, all readers need to do for the December quiz is match photos of buildings to their names or former names.

The questions have been prepared by Douglas Clark, Barrister. Suggestions for questions to appear in next month’s journal are most welcome.

Contest Rules: To be eligible to win a bottle of Ch. La Croizille 2007 from Global Vintage Wines Centre, please send your quiz question answers to The first reader to respond with the most correct answers, with no more than 3 incorrect responses, will be deemed the winner. The decision of Thomson Reuters regarding the winner is final and conclusive.

Answers to Legal Trivia Quiz #31

  1. B. The ICAC was established in 1974.
  2. D. Sir Jack Cater was the first Commissioner of the ICAC.
  3. C. Under the Basic Law, the ICAC is accountable directly to the Chief Executive.
  4. B. Rafael Hui was Chief Secretary of Administration.
  5. A. The Carrian Group was at the centre of the 1980s fraud in Hong Kong.
  6. C. The trial judge after an eighteen month trial ruled there was no case to answer. This was found to be wrong by the Court of Appeal on an Attorney-General’s reference.
  7. A. True. Dennis Barker who tried the Carrian case died in car accident in Cyprus four months after retiring.
  8. C. The High Court of Australia in 1998 ordered Tse Chu-fai (of the Allied Group) to be extradited to Hong Kong overturning a first instance decision that had refused extradition because of the change in status of Hong Kong.
  9. C. Proceedings against members of the Allied Group were permanently stayed twice and overturned on appeal by the CFA twice.
  10. A. True. Ronald Li, head of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, was convicted and sentenced to four years’ imprisonment.

We would like to congratulate Leung Sew Tung Thomas, Senior Associate at the Tony Kan & Co., the winner of our Legal Quiz #31.


Mr. Clark is a barrister (and former solicitor) practising in Hong Kong. His practice focuses primarily on intellectual property and related areas.  From September 2016, he has been appointed an Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong to teach the IP LLM course. Mr. Clark is General Editor and a co-author ofIntellectual Property Rights: Hong Kong SAR and the People’s Republic of China and author of Patent Litigation in China. He has also published a history of British and American extraterritoriality in China, Gunboat Justice