LOOK 795 Light: A Struggle between Love and Hate

From an aesthetic and artistic point of view, the design of the LOOK 795 LIGHT is controversial. It looks significantly different from all other bikes available in the market. The most eye-catching element of the design is that rather than using a standard stem clamped to the steerer tube somewhere above the top of the head tube, the 795 took a chunk out of the top of the head tube and replaced it with a specially designed integrated carbon stem. You will see a sloping top tube extending continuously from the seat cluster until the stem and handle bar. LOOK, a famous French bike manufacturer, believes that with this spectacular design, better aerodynamics of the bike can be achieved without increasing its weight. In fact, the 795 weighs no more than 6.8 kg (15 lb), which is very competitive among its rivals. For those who love the 795, it shows innovation and the courage of LOOK. Equally, you may hear some comments from those who hate it. For instance, that the bike looks odd or like a mountain bike rather than a road bike. The comments about the 795’s design have always been on the extreme ends.

Thanks to the special arrangement of Mr. Chris Fong, coach of the Law Society’s cycling team, I had the privilege of test riding a LOOK 795 LIGHT  something extraordinary and different from what I have ridden in the past. I am familiar with LOOK, as I currently own a LOOK 695 SR and am very satisfied with its performance. The question now is if I will turn my heart to the 795. This LOOK 795 LIGHT test bike came with SHIMANO DURA-ACE Di2 groupset, an electronic shifting system with state-of-the-art technologies, and MAVIC carbon wheels. Needless to say, Zed2 crankset, a unique crankset developed by LOOK, is a must-have item for all LOOK flagship bikes. Triangular inserts on the Zed2 crankset allow users to vary the cranks lengths. They can save you a lot of time and money, as you will not have to replace your crankset with longer or shorter cranks lengths.

As a LOOK rider, the 795 did not disappoint me. The bottom bracket together with the cranks were extremely  stiff. The bike launched forward without hesitation when I increased my input into the pedals. Acceleration was superb, thanks to the MAVIC carbon wheels and aero design of the 795. Shifting could not have been easier, with Di2 system and the derailleur response being rapid and reliable. I highly recommend female riders to use an electronic shifting system if they have ever encountered difficulties in operating a traditional mechanical shift lever, especially for the front derailleur. As expected, the 795 did a good job in bridging communication between road surface and me. It kept me firmly riding on the road at full speed.

If you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd of traditional road bikes during matches, you should consider the 795. It is innovative, stylish and to some riders, beautiful. However, it is really costly.


Captain of the Law Society Cycling Team