Mainland Delegations Visited the Law Society

The Hong Kong Law Society received two delegations from the Mainland in October. Led by its President, a six-member delegation from the Jiangxi Association of Notaries visited the Law Society on 11 October. Vice President Melissa Pang, Mr. Neville Cheng, Vice Chairman of the Greater China Legal Affairs Committee (GCLAC) and Mr. Lawrence Yeung, member of the GCLAC, received the delegation and gave an introduction on the history and functions of the Law Society, as well as the development of the legal services industry in Hong Kong. There was also a discussion on the comparison of the notary systems in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

On the other hand, Guangzhou Nansha Youth Federation visited the Law Society on 30 October. Vice President Melissa Pang and Council member Nick Chan received the delegation and introduced the functions and structure of the Law Society, and also the latest development in the legal profession in Hong Kong.

The Guangzhou Nansha Youth Federation presented a souvenir to the Law Society.

The delegation from the Jiangxi Association of Notaries with the Law Society’s representatives.