Monthly Statistics on the Profession: May 2017

(updated as of 31 March 2017):

Members (with or without practising certificate) 10,443
Members with practising certificate 9,076

(out of whom, 6,881 (76%) are in private practice)
Trainee Solicitors 1,043
Registered foreign lawyers 1,371

(from 32 jurisdictions)
Hong Kong law firms 876

(49% are sole proprietorships and 41% are firms with 2 to 5 partners, 11 are limited liability partnerships formed pursuant to the Legal Practitioners Ordinance)
Registered foreign law firms 83

(11 are limited liability partnerships formed pursuant to the Legal Practitioners Ordinance)
Civil Celebrants 2,074
Reverse Mortgage Counsellors 445
Solicitor Advocates 49

(44 in civil proceedings, 5 in criminal proceedings)
Student Members 187
Registered Associations between Hong Kong law firms and registered foreign law firms (including Mainland law firms) 38