New Publications by CUHK Law Graduates and Students

By JD and PCLL graduates:

• Tommy CHEUNG, ‘Jediism: Religion at Law?’ (2019) 8(2) Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 350-377.
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• Yee Ching LEUNG, ‘Rethinking the common intention constructive trusts in Stack v Dowden and Jones v Kernott - should the resulting trusts be preferred?’ (2019) 6(1) IALS Student Law Review 26-37.
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• Yee Ching LEUNG, ‘Equity as a nest: the principle-based secret trusts’ (2019) 0(0) Trusts & Trustees 1-6.
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By PCLL student and JD graduate:

• Cheuk Yuet HO, ‘Judicial Review of Public Consultation in Hong Kong: 
The Case for Fixing an “Underdeveloped” Jurisprudential Area’ (2019) 49 
Hong Kong Law Journal 459-486.
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