New Student Orientation 2017

CityU Law School organised a series of orientation activities for the new LLB, JD, PCLL, LLM and LLMArbDR students on 29 August. The New Student Orientation aimed to acquaint new students with the campus, give them an overview of academic and university life and introduce them to the University resources, facilities and opportunities.

Prof. Geraint Howells, Dean of the Law School, warmly welcomed the new students at the orientation. In his speech, he advised the students to take advantage of the opportunities that the School provides. To LLB and JD students, he strongly recommended that they take part in independent research, the G-LEAP exchange programme, legal placement programme and international mooting competitions. Legal education is not just about learning to be a lawyer, Professor Howells advised, so students should enjoy their study, keep an open mind, gain international exposure and look out for opportunities. He also hoped that the students could make the most out of their time at CityU and give back to the community after graduation.

Later on, the LLB, JD and PCLL programme directors addressed the students respectively. Prof. Alexander Loke, the LLB Programme Director, asked the new students to think of their value-added as lawyers in an age of advanced search engines like Google. Dr. Mark Kielsgard, the JD Programme Director, encouraged the freshmen to study hard, complete reading assignments before the lectures, attend and participate in the classes and tutorials, prepare coursework and assignments earlier, and ask teachers questions if they do not understand. The PCLL Programme Director Ms. Stella Leung advised the new LLB and JD students to discover what they really like and dislike and find out whether law is their true calling. “Your law degree will not go wasted even if you do not end up going into the PCLL programme and practicing the law. It is a very good degree that opens doors for you and changes your way of thinking,” she said.

After the luncheon, the students were introduced to international mooting and advocacy, the Law library,, professional development and e-learning. Ms. Bonita Chan, the Chairlady of the Alumni Association of CityU School of Law, was invited as a guest speaker to address the students. She advised them to study hard and pay extra attention to core subjects, attend lectures and tutorials, improve language skills in both English and Chinese, get internships during summer vacations, and participate in the activities organised by the Hong Kong Law Society.

The Orientation for LLM and LLMArbDR students was held in the evening. The Dean, Prof. Geraint Howells elaborated on the streams of the LLM programme, the LLM for Chinese Judges programme and our collaboration with the University Paris 1. The LLM Programme Director Dr. Ding Chunyan explained the programme features, curriculum, assessment, resources and facilities. LLM Maritime and Transportation Law Stream and LLMArbDR students met their programme directors afterwards.

Welcome to CityU School of Law! The exciting new journey has now begun.