News from Hong Kong Society of Notaries

We Have Moved!

At the time of publication of this edition of Hong Kong Lawyer, the office of the Secretariat of Hong Kong Society of Notaries will have just been relocated to 302, 3/F, West Wing, Justice Place, 11 Ice House Street, Legal Hub, which was formerly a Government Offices building. Of the same size as the former one, the premises of the new office have gone through meticulous decoration and fitting out works closely supervised by Vice President AU Miu Po with strong support from Past President David Beaves. The new office will afford a better location and much improved environment for the Secretariat’s team. The Society is naturally grateful to the Government for the tenancy.

Can Attestation Be Done By Video Conference?

The new Practice Direction No.1/2021 dated 11 February makes it clear that because in performing the notarial act of attestation to the execution of a document, a Notary Public must be physically present in the same location in Hong Kong with the individual at the time when that individual signs the document, the Notary Public cannot attest to the execution of the document by merely viewing the process through video conferencing transmission. Accordingly, where a client outside Hong Kong needs to execute a document in front of a notary public or attesting officer, he/she should consult a local notary public or attesting officer.