The Hong Kong Society of Notaries hosted its Annual Cocktail on 20 April 2018 for all notaries public and friends of the profession.

The next notaries public examination will be held on 23rd March 2019 (Saturday). The Society is organizing a training course on notarial law and practice with the assistance of the Scriveners Company. The course will be in two parts:

  • a newly developed online course from October 2018 to February 2019 which consists of a series of training materials, assignments and group discussions, all being accessible by participants at their own time and offices, homes or other locations, with computers, tablets and mobile phones, and
  • a group workshop around the end of February 2019 in Hong Kong, to be run by tutors, Messrs. Nigel Ready and Iain Rogers.

The examination requires focused study time and can be made easier by the training course. The deadline for registration is Monday 3 September 2018. Please visit the Society’s website ( for details of the examination and training course.

Mr. Kenneth Sit (President) and Messrs. Chan Bing Woon & Jesse Kwok (Council Members).

Guests and Members listened attentively to the President’s Address at the 2018 Annual Cocktail.