Passing the baton to our future skippers

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Lawyers Sports Meet (“Sports Meet”) is a regional biennial event gathering legal professionals from the three jurisdictions. The Law Society has taken part in the Sports Meet since its introduction in 2002, and will be the host city of this important event again, and for the third time, in 2021.

Macau hosted the 8th Sports Meet last year from 11 to 13 October, when Hong Kong sent a delegation of over 100 athletes to compete in nine different events, and came second overall.

Many young athletes representing the Hong Kong team made their debut in the Macau 2019 Sports Meet and earned experience, in the hope of continuing the home winning streak following Hong Kong’s victory in 2015. In this issue of the RSC Feature, some of the rising stars, getting ready to pick up the baton from their seniors, shared with us their experience as a first-timer in this major Law Society sports event.

As a first-time competitor, in my first year working in Hong Kong, the Sports Meet was a fantastic experience. I particularly enjoyed meeting, competing and bonding with my teammates from Hong Kong, together with the representatives from Guangdong and Macau. Of course, our badminton team winning the championship without losing a game was great fun too! Creating relationships through shared love for sport is something we should do more of, and the Law Society, together with their counterparts in Guangdong and Macau should be commended for doing so with this regular event.

Elliott Clutterbuck – Badminton team

I am truly honoured to have represented the Law Society table tennis team to take part in the biennial Sports Meet in Macau. Not only is it my first time claiming a gold medal in a regional singles tournament, our team was also awarded with the Overall Champion for the very first time in Sports Meet history. I would like to thank my teammates (especially my sister, Natalie Lam, who is my doubles partner) as well as other Hong Kong delegates who cheered for me and gave me practical advice throughout my intense matches. Results aside, it has been a pleasure meeting fellow legal practitioners from different jurisdictions. I look forward to participating in the next Sports Meet in our hometown!

Kelly Lam – Table tennis team

The Sports Meet this year has far exceeded my expectations as a first-timer. It was memorable to witness how every spectator in the room (including myself) burst with excitement as Kelly Lam of our team closed the finals against the best player from Guangdong team by 3-2 after repeated deuce in the individual sets, bringing home the champion of the ladies’ single. Kenneth Chiu of the men’s team demonstrated pure bliss in the games and was crowned the champion in the men’s single. Our men’s team and the ladies’ team also got the Champion and first runner-up in the team event respectively. Beyond the titles, the table tennis team has demonstrated great team spirit and every member played very well in the games - hats off to our cheering team composed of players from other sports teams! The Sports Meet is indeed a great opportunity for us to meet our counterparts from Guangdong and Macau through a sport in which we share the same passion.

Natalie Lam – Table Tennis team

It was a tremendous honour for me to have the opportunity to participate in the Sports Meet, which was a true embodiment of the very spirit of sports as they transcend qualities of human beings and societies, including but not limited to race, religion, gender and certainly in this case, jurisdictions. The Sports Meet, as a platform for legal practitioners to stretch their potentials with the company of one another, is an exciting encouragement, and possibly a reminder to the legal industry that there are more similarities shared amongst us than differences and one of which is the language we speak as in the form of sport.

Ronny Tang – Swimming team

I was encouraged by Snooker Captain Kent Chong and Convenor Page Wai to contribute my first time in Sports Meet as a member of the women's snooker team. After the first day of intense round robin matches, to my surprise, I made it to the semifinals and had another exciting game on day 2. From the moment the whole event kicked off with the Opening Ceremony, I felt a friendly, positive and energetic vibe which immediately put me at ease. I also had a wonderful time meeting lawyers from different regions where we unwound at the Gala Dinner after a day of hard-fought games over a sumptuous buffet, games and performances. The fun-filled event ran seamlessly in all facets from transportation, comfortable accommodations, to the agenda. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Recreation and Sports Committee for all the hard work that has gone into making this event such a great success!

Tania Kwan – Snooker team