POLA Conference

On 2 and 3 August, President Melissa Pang and Secretary General Heidi Chu attended the 29th Presidents of Law Associations in Asia Conference (“POLA”) in Canberra, Australia on behalf of the Law Society. Other participants included Presidents and Vice Presidents of the legal professional bodies in Australia, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Fiji, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mongolia and Singapore. Views were exchanged on topical issues relevant to the legal profession including the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession, business and human rights, inclusion and diversity as well as anti-corruption and transparency.

Riding on this opportunity, the Law Society renewed our firm commitment to continue to act in support of the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession and to promote equality, inclusion and diversity in our home jurisdiction. The efforts of the different approaches presented at the Conference also reiterated the importance attached to the role of anti-corruption and transparency initiatives in supporting the Rule of Law in the region. POLA has indeed been serving as a useful forum for the exchange of information and mutual cooperation among its members and the Law Society will continue to play an active role in it.

President shared her insight on the topic “Regulating Ethical Business Conduct: Case of Beneficial Ownership” with the conference participants.

Mr. Morry Bailes, President of the Law Council of Australia (left), presented a souvenir to President Melissa Pang.