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Cross Team Collaboration Shining in Triathlon Races

There are altogether 23 teams and interest groups under the Recreation and Sports Committee. They do not only excel in their own areas of expertise but also join hands in taking up different challenges which promotes bonding between team members with different interests and strengths. The most recent collaboration was the Cycling, Distance Running and Swimming Team’s participation in the Garden Sisisic Hong Kong Triathlon Challenge.

The event took place on 18 September 2016 where the teams sent representatives to form four teams of three comprising one cyclist, one runner and one swimmer in each team to complete the Mixed Sprint Challenge Relay in Tai Mei Tuk.

The swimmers kicked off the relay in Plover Cove for a 750 m swim and a 100 m sprint. They then passed the baton to the cyclists who embarked on a renowned 30 km route, known to be challenging, along Bride’s Pool Road. Serving as the last legs of the race, the runners sprinted 8 km along the dam of Plover Cove Reservoir before they arrived at the finishing point.

Fitness of the athletes is important in a physically-demanding challenge as such but collaboration among teammates is also a critical factor as smooth transitions could make a big difference to the team’s overall result. With excellent rapports amongst team members, our four teams completed the challenge in second, ninth, 12th and 13th place among the 20 teams.

Let’s share the sweat and tears of some of our team members.

Tony Leung (Team A cyclist): I am extremely pleased with our team’s second place finish, as this was the first time we ever raced together. Agnes was one of the first swimmers out of the water in a highly competitive field, putting the team in good position. I held off other competitors in the 30 km bike course, and Catherine completed the race with an impressive run. I am very proud of our team and look forward to the next race.

Eugene Lam (Team B cyclist): Nice weather, great teammates and wholehearted support from the Captains and Convenors of the Swimming, Cycling and Distance Running teams. I cannot ask for more for my first Garden Sisisic HK Triathlon Challenge Race. I must thank Vicky (swimming) and Wai Yin (running) for the seamless teamwork at the transition zones and for the great race. I look forward to our next triathlon relay event!

Vicky Man (Team B swimmer): I thoroughly enjoyed the race – it was very well organised and the weather was just perfect for a swim. Special thanks to Hayson and Agnes who were in charge of coordinating the event and my teammates Eugene and Wai Yin!

Frederick Tai (Team C runner): I attended the Monday training sessions with professional coaches arranged by the Law Society throughout the year which definitely enhanced the quality of my whole running experience and helped me to build up my discipline of regular training. It’s also fun working together with many fellow members, meeting new friends who share the same passion in running. I had a great time running in the Triathlon Challenge. To best prepare myself for different team events and races, I would also squeeze in some extra miles as well as do some swimming exercises to further develop my cardio fitness.

Helen Ho (Team C swimmer): How could getting up at 4 am on a Sunday morning be fun? 18 September was an exception. Triumph went to Agnes, Tony and Catherine who put together their strongest sprint and won the first runner up in Mixed Relay at a stunning record of 2 hours and 42 seconds! Well done indeed.

Eliza Chang (Team D swimmer): Triathlon is about endurance, fitness and sportsmanship. It is also about encountering challenges and overcoming them. It was great fun to form a relay team with the fellow Law Society members and take part in the Triathlon. I was the first swimming leg in the relay. Mr. Andrew Hart did the cycling leg and Mr. John Lee did running. We made a perfect team which demonstrated good team spirit and sportsmanship.

Hayson Yuen, Captain, Cycling Team
Catherine Lau, Convenor, Distance Running Team
​Agnes Chan, Convenor, Swimming Team


Law Society Team A (from left): Ms. Catherine Lau, Mr. Tony Leung, and Ms. Agnes Chan. With a strenuous fight among 20 mixed teams, Team A captured first runner-up.

Law Society Team B (from left): Mr. Eugene Lam, Ms. Vicky Man, and Ms. Chung Wai Yin.

Law Society Team C (from left): Mr. Frederick Tai, Ms. Helen Ho and Mr. Alfred Leung.

(From left): Our four swimmers Ms. Agnes Chan, Ms. Vicky Man, Ms. Eliza Chang and Ms. Helen Ho.

(From left): Our four cyclists Mr. Alfred Leung, Mr. Tony Leung, Mr. Andrew Hart and Mr. Eugene Lam.