Recreation and Sports Committee Feature

Together We Stride and Strive with Our Smiles…

Together we have stridden through our Monday night runs with guidance from our professional coaches and cheers from our teammates in Tamar Park in Central.

Together we have striven to make it to our training sessions at Happy Valley each Friday night, in spite of impossible deadlines or having to rush back to our offices to finish work after a wonderful run in the wind.

And together we have proudly formed many different teams for a variety of races over the past few months, enjoying all that is possible with the extra pride from our Distance Running Team’s racing singlets. When running on the other side of the road, it was utterly surprising to hear by the exuberant cheers and see the glee-filled smiles from teammates, who were also striving hard to make their personal best times.

Running, especially for long distances, can be quite a solitary sport and many may not appreciate this sport’s uniqueness. However, it will not take one long or more than a few strides with us to feel the beauty of this sport and how we are building ourselves as a stronger team.

Together we will continue to stride and strive through many more miles for many more memorable moments…

The Law Society Distance Running Team

Vivid accounts of the Distance Running Team’s initiatives from its members:

“No pain, no gain,
No run, no fun,
Happily we run under the emblem of the Law Society of Hong Kong,
Day by day our bodies will go from strength to strength,
Let us all join hand in hand for wonderful fun.”

– Past President Simon Ip

“I used to associate running with the nature of being tiring, boring and lonely until I signed up for the Monday coaching sessions which offers small group training exclusive for Law Society members. I had the privilege of listening to the coaches and more advanced classmates sharing experience on getting themselves physically and mentally prepared for races. ‘Coming tired, leaving alive’ is what I would like to say for these coaching sessions!”

– Sharon Leung

“I don’t even jog should I join the class? Definitely! Our coaches will show you how to stretch and give advice on correct running posture so as to reduce likelihood of straining your rusty body parts. Soon I found myself running faster but at ease which makes me want to run more. If you’re considering joining for good health, think no more, sign up!”

– Kate Chan

“Every Friday evening, I always feel happy and healthy after sweating it out in the 90-minute running training sessions at the end of a week’s work under air-conditioning. One can’t fathom how many miles one’s body and mind can go until one puts them into training and practice. Come and join us, and experience the liveliness in running inside and outside.”

– Edmond Lam

“Running after a long week of work on hot summer nights is definitely a challenge for me. However, the Friday night training at Happy Valley has always been an exceptionally enjoyable event for me to look forward to. I will definitely keep it up and train myself to be a better runner.”

– Andrew Wong

“The beauty of running is that often while my body argues that there is no justifiable reason to continue, my mind beats that little voice inside me and reminds me about perseverance. Looking back at the person I once was who never ran nor raced, I take pride in my courage to make a change and to join the Distance Running Team.”

– Sally Lam

“Three other teammates and I took part in the half marathon race of AXA Hong Kong Streetathon. We supported each other throughout the race and boosted ourselves to keep running. The moment when we crossed the finish line together with smiling faces was priceless. I am delighted to have these friends becoming my comrades in life.”

– George Tam

“While I enjoyed running by myself, I wished to train with a team. With the guidance of my coach and teammates I met in the Distance Running Team, I have recently completed one of my life goals – a full marathon. As the saying goes “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– Isabella Wong

“Started off as a casual jogger, I have met a lot of passionate and persistent runners in the team. In March, I completed my first full marathon in the Nagoya Women’s Marathon. I believe everyone can just do it – push your limits and check off your list of must-do items with people sharing the same vision.”

– Mona Yip

Stretching at Monday coaching sessions.

Monday class participants running all the way from Central to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park.

Ending the Friday night training with some core muscle training at Happy Valley Football pitch.

Proud of having entered three teams for the 10th Shek Mun 10km Race.

Team members winning a first runner-up award for the ladies’ half marathon teams of two at Geo Hero Run 2016.

Rotary Hong Kong Ultramarathon 2016.

Charity Run organised by the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention.

Garden Sisisic Hong Kong Triathlon Challenge Race 2016.

Teammates of a half marathon team running all the way together at AXA Hong Kong Streetathon 2017.

Finishing off another Friday training session in our team’s new racing singlets with Coach Gi Ka Man.