Perspectives from Hong Kong and Beyond

In this tome, renown experts worldwide discuss law reform, and make recommendations for strengthening the process of law reform in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Praise for the book:
“This important book should be a wake-up call to lawmakers in Hong Kong and beyond on the urgent need for effective law reform. It is especially important for Hong Kong whose competitive advantage is being harmed by institutional paralysis and official lethargy. The editors’ modest recommendations deserve urgent action by Hong Kong’s governors to bring up to date its archaic and outmoded legislation.”
- Lord Lester of Herne Hill, QC

“Law reform is essential, especially in these fast-changing times. The law reform agency plays an important role in this process. This work examines the experience of the agency in Hong Kong and elsewhere and discusses how its effectiveness can be enhanced...”
- The Hon. Andrew Li, Chief Justice of Hong Kong, 1997–2010

“This is probably the first collection in Hong Kong of writings on law reform, examining clinically how law reform is, and can be processed with reference to other law reform institutions, in the pursuit of effectively meeting the often shifting needs of society and economy…”
- Stephen Kai-yin Wong, Secretary of the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong