Research Camp (September 2020)

The webinar Research Camp was hosted on 30 September 2020. The event kicked off with a welcome speech by Prof TAN Cheng-Han (Dean, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong (SLW, CityU)) and Prof HO Samuel M.Y. (Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Humanities, City University of Hong Kong (CLASS, CityU)). Prof Tan extended a warm welcome to all of our participants and wished this important meeting a great success. Prof Ho was delighted to see the collaboration between the two departments.

Prof TAN Cheng Han

Prof HO Samuel M.Y.

The Research Camp consisted of two sessions. The first session, the joint methods session with CLASS, was moderated by Prof WAN Wai Yee (Associate Dean, SLW). The topics of the presentation are as follows (according to the order of presentation):

  • Qualitative Empirical Research: Interviews, Surveys, Content Analysis

Dr Daniel PASCOE, Associate Professor, SLW

  • 'Sexting and Young People: Perceptions, Practices, Policy and Law' -  a collaborative, interdisciplinary, multi-methods approach

Prof Thomas CROFTS, Professor, SLW

  • Using Documents of Adjudication Decisions to Decipher Judicial Attitudes

Dr Peter CHAN, Assistant Professor, SLW

  • Experimental approach on eye tracking research

Dr Dannii YEUNG, Associate Professor, Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • Public opinion survey

Dr Edmund CHENG, Associate Professor, Department of Public Policy

  • The use of qualitative inquiry in legal education (language) skills research

Dr Christoph HAFNER, Associate Professor, Department of English

The School also invited Dr Rebecca ONG (Associate Professor, SLW) and Dr DING Chunyan (Associate Dean, SLW) this year to share their strategies on grant capture. Dr Ong stressed the importance of project objectives and research outputs. She also mentioned that the research topic should satisfy both legal and non-legal interests. Dr Ding suggested that caution was needed when choosing research methods to solve the research question.

Dr Rebecca ONG

Dr DING Chunyan

The Research Camp then moved on to the next section- the workplan and accomplishments of research centres since the last session in May 2020. Prof WANG Jiangyu (Director, Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law (RCCL)), Prof ZHU Guobin (Director, Public Law and Human Rights Forum (CPLR)), Prof LIN Feng (Director, Centre for Judicial Education and Research (CJER)), and Prof Alexander LOKE (Director, Hong Kong Commercial and Maritime Law Centre (HKCML)) gave detailed presentations on their centres’ past events. Conferences were successfully hosted despite the impact of Covid-19. Our research centres would strive to yield more output and strengthen their in uence in the future.

At the end of the retreat, Prof TAN honoured Dr GUAN Wenwei (Associate Professor, SLW) as the winner of Outstanding Research Award 2020 at SLW, CityU. Meanwhile, the award of Outstanding Research Award 2020 (Junior Faculty) goes to Dr Peter CHAN (Assistant Professor, SLW).

The day ended with closing remarks by Prof Wan. She expressed appreciation for the constructive comments from colleagues and was pleased to see collaboration between CLASS and SLW.

Prof WAN Wai Yee