Review of the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344)

The Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344) (“BMO”) provides a legal framework for owners to form and run owners’ corporations to facilitate their discharge of responsibilities in building management. In April, the Legislative Council Panel on Home Affairs invited views on the Government’s latest legislative proposals to update the BMO and the related administrative measures.

The proposed amendments to the BMO, according to the Government, were to address public concerns on building management, including bid-rigging and disputes arising from large-scale maintenance projects, use of proxies at the owners’ corporation meeting and appointment and remuneration of deed of mutual covenant managers.

The Council has reviewed the proposed amendments to the BMO, with the assistance of the Property Committee. It was disappointed that some of the issues previously raised by The Law Society had not been taken into consideration by the Government. The Government’s attention was drawn to several legislative proposals which should merit a serious and thorough consideration. A written submission was prepared and sent to the Panel on Home Affairs. The Law Society’s submission is available at