Risk Management Education Introductory Session

The Law Society was invited by the Shanghai Bar Association and the Guangdong Lawyers Association to host a Risk Management Education Introductory Session in Shanghai and Dongguan, Guangdong, on 15 February and 25 March, respectively.

Ms Catherine Mun, member of the Greater China Legal Affairs Committee (“GCLAC“), spoke in the two-hour Shanghai session to more than 300 Shanghai lawyers about the Risk Management Education Programme of the Law Society and shared the basic concepts and relevant cases of risk management, which was helpful for local lawyers in understanding the importance of risk management to the legal profession.

President Thomas So was the keynote speaker in the Guangdong session, while Mr Patrick Mak, member of the GCLAC shared his views on the risks of cooperation and joint venture between the Mainland and Hong Kong legal profession. 80 representatives from lawyers associations in the Guangdong province, including their presidents and vice-presidents, attended the session and showed great interest in risk management and deepening cooperation. Besides, Ms Natalia Cheung, Ms Alexandra Lo, Ms Catherine Mun and Mr Lawrence Yeung also participated in the event that day and had a fruitful exchange with Guangdong lawyers.

President Thomas So shared the concept and importance of risk management education.

Representatives of the Law Society attended the Risk Management Education Introductory Session co-hosted with Guangdong Lawyers Association.