Roundtable: Children’s Commission in Hong Kong

On 23 September, the Hong Kong Committee on Children’s Rights organised a "Roundtable: Children’s Commission in Hong Kong". The Law Society is one of the co-organisers. The Roundtable aims to pool together professionals from different sectors to share views on the Children's Commission model for Hong Kong. Ms. Megan Mitchell, Australia’s first National Children’s Commissioner, and Mr. Reidar Hjermann, the Norwegian Ombudsman for Children in 2004–2012, spoke about their experience working with their respective Children’s Commissions. Council member Cecilia Wong attended the Roundtable as the Responding Guest of the Law Society. She spoke on, among other things, parental responsibility. The Roundtable was well-attended.

Council member Mrs. Cecilia Wong (first from left), Chairperson and member of Family Law Committee, Mr. Dennis Ho and Ms. Winnie Chow (first and second from right) and other speakers at the Roundtable.