Saddle Up and Pedal Down with the Law Society Cycling Team

Cycling was once historically a primary means of transportation in many parts of the world. Bicycles take commuters from one place to another with high manoeuvrability at low costs for short to moderate distances and are nowadays regarded as a symbol of environmentalism and sustainable living. Hong Kong is not considered as a cycling-friendly city in terms of daily commute as there is simply not much room for bicycles in between cars and pedestrians on the street, especially during busy hours. However, leisure riding and recreational racing are very common in Hong Kong, and in recent years has gained popularity among sport enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The Law Society Cycling Team was founded in 2011 by President Melissa Pang. We started as a small group of cyclists of different abilities who shared a common passion for cycling with a vision to increase accessibility of cycling to a diverse age group of members of different fitness levels. At the beginning, we trained together in Sha Tin to gain fitness in order to enter different charitable events raising money for various charities.

After several years, we have expanded to a group of one hundred which regularly participates in various local cycling competitions such as the Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Cyclothon, where participants could enjoy the city’s scenery along the Route 3 expressways and Tsing Ma Bridge, and the team time trial race of the Vita Green Cycling for Health Marathon Challenge. Although the races are more or less recreational in nature, we always strive for excellence to achieve the best results and treasure the opportunity to meet and learn from other local and overseas cyclists.

Our team also collaborates with the Distance Running Team and Swimming Team to take part in triathlon relay races such as the Garden Sisisic Hong Kong Triathlon Challenge Race
and Hong Kong ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup.

The crux of peak performance is to have sufficient training before the races. Apart from joining trainings offered by our professional coach, our team has recently adopted power-base training. By measuring power on the bikes which are connected to or equipped with digital metres, cyclists can assess their performance accurately in a more scientific manner. Power-base training is not just about measuring your heart rate, which can be subject to many external factors, but provides a more systemic, consistent and reliable measurement of the cyclist’s muscular demands when riding on the bike. These new indoor training sessions have proven to be an effective and efficient way for members to keep their training momentum going amid their busy schedules and regardless of adverse weather which does not favour outdoor trainings.

Our team always strives to breakthrough. This year, two of our strongest members, Mr. Ivan Ching and Cycling Convenor Mr. Eugene Lam will take part in the 2019 The Road to Taiwan KOM-Summer, one of the toughest cycling routes in the world which requires cyclists to complete a gruelling 105-km climb to the summit within nine hours. We wish Ivan and Eugene every success in the forthcoming KOM challenge!


Captain of the Law Society Cycling Team