A Super Happy New Year 2017 for Hikers and Runners!

On New Year’s Day 2017, about a dozen members of the Hiking Team and Distance Running Team participated in a joint team outing in the north east New Territories to welcome the New Year in style.

Though it might have been a late night for some members celebrating New Year’s Eve, Mother Nature and the fine morning weather of the brand new year beckoned outdoor enthusiasts, who looked forward to enjoying a break from daily routines and burning off any festive excesses.

The adventure started and ended at Kai Kuk Shue Ha (near Fanling) and Tai Mei Tuk (near Tai Po), respectively. Members trekked or jogged the rugged country park trails in Pat Sin Leng and Wang Leng whilst enjoying the stunning mountain scenery and the blue skies.

For the hikers, the outing offered a refreshing workout and a chance to make a New Year’s resolution for a healthier lifestyle. For athletic minded members, the remote hills were a nice change of pace from the typical hustle and bustle of road running.

Despite the staggered start times, differing paces and non-identical routes of the two groups, members’ paths crossed along the way. While the brief encounter was not entirely unexpected, it was a pleasant and uplifting surprise for both the hikers and runners. Members exchanged warm greetings and encouraged each other along.

After participants had immersed themselves in the beautiful countryside and navigated the challenging terrain for several hours, they ended their journey at Tai Mei Tuk, gathering together for refreshments at a nearby cafe. All in all, the event was well received by members. It was a fantastic way to boost fitness and resilience!

The “super runner” trophy was bestowed at the finishing area upon one of our members who completed the trail run within the specified time. It marked a super start to the New Year!

Many thanks are due to fellow members for your wonderful support and participation. We are especially grateful to Mr. Andy Tang, Mr.William Tang, Past President and Hiking Captain Mr.Simon Ip, Hiking Convenor Ms. Wai Yin Chung for the expert guidance and planning.

Lee Yuen Chuen
Captain, Distance Running Team

Hikers enjoyed the scenic view along their journey from Kai Kuk Shue Ha to Pat Sin Leng.

Runners took part in a trail run event, completing the course within the specified time.