Teamwork shone in Hong Kong Life ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup 2018

Over the years, there were frequent collaborations between the Law Society Cycling, Distance Running and Swimming Teams. On 20 October 2018, the three teams gathered again and took part in the ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup 2018.

Triathlon is about endurance, fitness, sportsmanship and overcoming challenges. The Law Society sent four teams of three, each team comprising one cycling team member, one distance running team member and one swimming team member, to join the corporate relay category.

With good team spirit and persistence, all four teams were able to complete the challenge, with two of the teams winning the first and second places despite fierce competition.

While a triathlon is a physically demanding activity, our team members were delighted about sweating for a good cause and conquering challenges especially through teamwork when great minds meet!

Special thanks must go to Cycling Team Captain Mr. Hayson Yuen, Distance Running Team Convenor Ms. Catherine Lau and Swimming Team Captain Ms. Agnes Chan for their concerted efforts in team coordination and support before and after the triathlon!

The Champion team of the Corporate Relay: (from left to right) Ms. Chung Wai Yin, Mr. Tony Leung and Mr. Ronny Tang.

The 1st runner-up team of the Corporate Relay: (from left to right) Ms. Hu Yunxiao, Mr. Hayson Yuen and Mr. Pierre Lui.