Teen Talk 2016: “Deconstructing Cyber Crime”

“Teen Talk” is one of the flagship events of the Law Society, focusing on serving young people and the broader community. The event set a new record with a total of 937 students from over 94 schools from 18 districts. This year also marks the first time that international schools have taken part in the event.

Teen Talk 2016 was held over three days, with round one, the “Moot Court Competition”, completed over two weekends in early November. Students gathered at the High Court and the University of Hong Kong to share personal views on social topics and engage in friendly debates. Teams were given either the role of defense or prosecution, presenting their case in front of real life judges and senior practitioners. Judges were impressed by the presentations, as well as the students’ analytical skills and ability to formulate arguments within 30 minutes preparation time with the coaching of prosecutors from the Department of Justice and Law Society members.

Encouraged by positive responses from the schools, the second round of Teen Talk 2016 was held at the Nursery Park in West Kowloon Cultural District on 17 December. The whole day event included discussions with guests to comprehensively explore legal issues on cybercrime and the Legal Knowledge Orienteering Race where lawyers and students collaborated to complete various tasks to learn legal knowledge in a creative way.

The Organising Committee (“OC”) would like to give special thanks to the Hon. Geoffrey Ma, Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal; the Hon. Rimsky Yuen SC, Secretary for Justice; and Mr. Chung Siu-yeung, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime), who officiated this year’s kick-off ceremony. Dr. Frank Law, Superintendent of Police, Cyber Security Division, Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau, President Thomas So, Past President and Council Member Junius Ho and Council Member and OC Chairman Nick Chan provided an informative talk on legal and cyber crime matters, enhancing students’ awareness on this issue.

The OC would also like to express their heartfelt thanks to over 100 Law Society member facilitators who volunteered to participate in the programme to pass legal knowledge to the younger generation. Same as in previous years, Teen Talk received funding support from the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education to cover part of the expenses incurred.

Without the dedicated effort of the OC chaired by Mr. Nick Chan and vice-chaired by Ms. Nadine Lai and Mr. Roden Tong, all members, students, schools, volunteers and the Law Society Secretariat, Teen Talk 2016 would not have been so successful.

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Over 500 students participated in the “Legal Knowledge Orienteering Race” under the guidance of Law Society members.

94 school teams competed in “Moot Court Competition”, the first round event of Teen Talk 2016, over two weekends in early November 2016.

Group photo of the Hon. Geoffrey Ma, the Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, Mr. Rimsky Yuen SC, Secretary for Justice (front row, center) with Law Society Council members, Teen Talk OC members and students’ representatives.

“Moot Court Competition” provided a platform to promote teamwork and for students to engage in critical thinking, sharing and learning from diverse perspectives.