Teen Talk 2018 - “Children’s Rights”

“Teen Talk” is one of the flagship events of The Law Society, focusing on serving young people and the broader community. Around 1,000 students from 118 school teams participated in the 2018 event, including International Baccalaureate schools.

Teen Talk 2018 was held over four days, with the first event “Basic Law and Legislative Procedure Talk” held at the Large Moot Court at The University of Hong Kong on 6 October 2018. The Hon Andrew Leung, President of the Legislative Council, and Mr. Thomas So, Immediate Past President of the Law Society, were invited to be the honourable speakers and shared with 300 students their knowledge about the Basic Law, Hong Kong legal system, law-making process and the work of the Legislative Council.

The second event, “Mock Council Debate”, was completed over two weekends in October at the Legislative Council Complex. During the Debate, students role played as legislators to express their views on the draft bill on children’s rights; or as public officers to speak on the principles and intent of the bill, and to respond to the speaking of legislators.

The highlight of Teen Talk 2018 was the Joint Opening Ceremony with Law Week, which was organised at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre on 17 November 2018, with over 800 participants, including honourable guests, secondary school students, Law Society members and media friends. The Opening Ceremony was followed by a Basic Law Quiz and the Grand Final of the Mock Council Debate. Students had the opportunity to voice their opinions on children’s issues and rights in Hong Kong and to engage in open exchange with our lawyer facilitators to acquire legal knowledge.

Council member and Teen Talk Organising Committee Chairman Mr Roden Tong would like to express his heartfelt thanks to the Organising Committee members and over 120 Law Society member facilitators who volunteered themselves to participate in the programme to pass legal knowledge to the younger generation as well as the support of the Law Society Secretariat to make the event another year of success.

Same as previous years, Teen Talk received funding support from the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education to cover part of the expenses incurred.

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Eight outstanding school teams were selected to act as government officials to respond to the speaking of legislators acted by other school teams.

Immediate Past President Thomas So introduced the Basic Law Quiz to the students.

Distinguished guests, Council members, Law Week and Teen Talk Organising Committee members and students participated in the Joint Opening Ceremony.

Students had a wonderful day with over 120 Law Society member facilitators.