Trump or No-trump, It’s Your Call

In bridge, you either play a “trump” contract or a “no-trump” contract for each hand, and it’s up to the four players at the bridge table to make the choice. To start a bridge game, all you need is a deck of standard playing cards and two pairs of players. There are two distinct stages for each hand, the bidding stage and the playing stage. During the bidding stage, each player takes turns to make their bids until three consecutive players pass their bids, in which case the last bid before the passes becomes the contract. During the playing stage, the pair of players who lost the bidding would play as “defenders”, and the players in the winning pair would play the role of either “declarer” or “dummy”, depending upon the bidding sequence. The dummy, as the name suggests, has no further role in the hand other than laying down his/her hand which is to be played by the declarer. The defenders and the declarer then take turns to play their cards one by one with the objective of maximising their respective winning tricks. In most cases, a bridge hand will take no more than 10 minutes to finish. The above overly simplistic introduction of the game, however, belies the complexity of skills which are required of bridge players, both at the bidding stage and the playing stage. If you wish to experience this exciting card game, join the Law Society Bridge Team today!

The Law Society Bridge Team was formed in March 2014, after an ad hoc team of four competed in the first Bridge Tournament organised by the Recreation and Sports Club for Hong Kong Professional Bodies (“RSCP”) in 2013. Since then, the Team has attracted players of different playing levels, from beginners to more seasoned bridge players, to take part in our regular weekly practices and external bridge tournaments. The Team’s highlight came in 2015 when, just two years into its formation, the Team clinched the championship in the RSCP Bridge Tournament. What the Team treasures more, however, is the friendship which has been developed over the bridge table in the past few years. It is our wish that more and more members could join the Team and enjoy the fun of playing bridge at their leisure.

The Team used to host weekly Monday practices in the Law Society Library but due to upcoming renovation, the Team is currently exploring options on other practice venues. The Team is also planning to run a beginners’ course later this year. Please keep an eye on the circulars on the arrangements. If you have any good suggestions on the practice venue or you wish to learn more about bridge, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. WK Ng, Bridge Convenor, on We look forward to seeing you at the bridge table soon!

Professional Pairs Bridge Tournament 2015

The Law Society’s championship pair.

These are what you need for a bridge game – a deck of standard playing cards, some papers for recording and a table that can fit four persons.

Regular practice session.

The Bridge team was led by Convenor Mr. WK Ng (sixth from left).

The Tournament gathered over 50 participants from various professional bodies.

Hong Kong Inter-City Bridge Championships 2014

RSCP Bridge Tournaments 2015

The team was crowned Champion in the Tournament.

Friendly Match with Taipei lawyers in 2015