Unadulterated Awesome

Alison Lam, Legal Counsel, KPMG

Sheung Yuet Road was all but deserted when I arrived at the Porsche Centre, near the Kowloon Bay Sports Ground. The air was crisp, but the sky was blue and beams of sunlight seemed to dance across the hoods of the new Porsche models on display in the showroom. As David Chan, the Porsche representative, greeted me, a white Cabriolet parked on the adjacent curb with its top down caught my eye. My anticipation began to boil over, as David confirmed that was the model we’d be taking for a spin, as I have never driven a convertible in Hong Kong!

Body Work and Interior

The Cabriolet had every sporty detail you can imagine, including comfortable leather sports seats, sideskirts, exhausts, rear grille and apron, alloys, sports design steering wheels, exterior mirrors. You name it, it had it. And of course its trimmings were elegant – exactly what you expect from Porsche.

But of all of the gizmos and gadgets, the driver’s seat that had to be manually adjusted impressed me the most. It made me feel as if I was in a REAL sports car. Other adjustments could be made with the electronic controls, in line with all the other user-friendly features of the car.

The rear passenger seats are not the most spacious, but what can you expect? It’s a 911! However, our tall photographer managed to get in and take some great photos, to boot! You can definitely carry passengers in this coupe, making it more practical than others.

The dashboard and all the buttons were nicely designed, but I didn’t touch any of them as I was too eager to start the engine.

Driving and Handling

I didn’t expect too much from the car, as I was carrying three passengers. I was also worried about the editor’s hair at the back because I know how it feels, but I think the power-operated wind-blocker did its job.

I must say the weight didn’t affect the speed much, maybe a little on the pick-up. I enjoyed the all-wheel drive experience. The car had a good grip and handled corners well. The double clutch allowed rapid and timely shifts which I really liked, especially when slowing down which came with wonderful down-gearing sounds.

I was cruising around at the beginning as I wanted to make sure I had a good handle of the car. Of course the brakes were excellent and the gear shifting was smooth. Suspension was just right and the ride was comfortable.

After a few minutes, I approached the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. You can imagine what happened. On a sunny clear day, with a convertible on a long straight road … I asked David what the zero to 60 was. He said four seconds. I said it doesn’t feel like it. So he tried to prove it by turning on the Sports Mode, which came with a surprisingly nice engine sound. OK, that’s more like it, I said.


Practical, reliable and elegant toy with speed, and a bit of noise.

Thank you everyone that made the test drive possible. It was a wonderful experience.