Upcoming Halloween Seminar on 2 November 2018 & Video for Greater China Legal History Seminar Available Online

Upcoming Halloween Seminar

Professor Christopher Gane, Dean of the Faculty of Law at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (“CUHK Law”) will deliver his annual Halloween seminar on “From Beyond the Grave: Ghosts, Resurrection Men and the Law” on 2 November 2018 at the CUHK Graduate Law Centre in Central. This CPD seminar will provide an introduction to the law concerning grave-robbing. In addition to examining the historical origins of the offences and why graves have been robbed, particularly why human corpses have been disinterred and the market in human remains for medical research and for alleged supernatural practices, the seminar will consider the response of the common law and legislation in different jurisdictions to the phenomena, including Hong Kong, England and Scotland. It will conclude with a Q&A session.

To attend, please register at https://goo.gl/ZLy1Ya by 5pm, 1 November 2018.

Watch Greater China Legal History Seminar Online

The first seminar “Confucianism and Chinese Law, Past and Present” of the Greater China Legal History Seminar Series 2018-19 delivered by Professor Norman Ho of Peking University School of Transnational Law is now available online at http://www.law.cuhk.edu.hk/en/multimedia/greater_china_legal_history_seminar_series_1_full.php.