Upcoming Online CPD Events in July 2020

Property Law Seminar: “Regulatory Overview of the Hong Kong Property Market” (9 July)

In this online seminar, Mayer Brown partners Mr. Alvin Yeung and Ms. Pheona Chow will provide an introduction to the Hong Kong legal system and the real estate market. They will cover the property title system, property ownership and property development. Practical tips with respect to real estate investment including investment structures and stamp duty will also be covered. For details and registration, please visit https://bit.ly/3d8GafI.

Property Law Seminar: “Do We Need a New Category of Personal Property” (22 July)

In 2020, the categories of choses in action and choses in possession does not seem to “cover the field” of interests in modern assets. Choses in action are either “pure intangibles” or “documented intangibles”; they are also ‘immovables’ with obvious limits on dealings with them. Choses in possession are tangible and movable assets, able to be broadly disposed of. 

But how are modern interests classified? The commercial examples seem to be intangible and immovable - but they have value. It is this attribute that requires the law to move along and either put them into an existing category of personal property, or to innovate and produce a new category. The value is relied upon for dealings, such as loans; but the form of the transaction is “cloudly” and perhaps ad hoc. 

What are these interests? Examples include information in iclouds, interests in electronic ledgers, share certificates, environmental rights, fishing licences, water and protection of agriculture, and so on. 

Professor Judith Sihombing, Adjunct Associate Professor at CUHK LAW, will look into these in this online seminar. For details and registration, please visit www.law.cuhk.edu.hk.

The 12th IP Conference: “Global Pandemics and Technology Frontiers: Risk Management, Capital Mobility and Intangible Assets” (31 July)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shake up the world, innovation and technology have found a new battleground. In a fight for human lives, attention has been redirected to finding a vaccine. AI, smart devices, diagnostic and analytical tools have further broadened their reach to respond to this emergency. The next era of technology will also be built upon the processing, interpretation, and manipulation of big data in sectors such as telecom, healthcare and e-commerce. With this whole new landscape of digital technology, it is inevitable for a maelstrom of capital, intangible assets and commerce to follow. Companies need to shape up the right strategies for managing financial risks, balancing capital mobility while protecting intangible assets. This online conference will examine the current economic landscape and other frontiers brought on by the pandemic to explore the challenges that lie ahead and offer possible solutions. It is co-organised by CUHK LAW, the United States-China Intellectual Property Institute (USCIPI), and Asia Innovation and Intellectual Property Society (AIIPS). For details and registration, please visit www.law.cuhk.edu.hk.