Visits by Delegations from the Greater China region

The Law Society received two visiting delegations from Greater China in March 2018. Led by its President Mr. Kuo Ching-Pao, the Kaohsiung Bar Association visited the Law Society on 19 March and exchanged views with Vice President Melissa Pang and other Law Society representatives. The Law Society was invited to attend the 69th anniversary celebration of the Kaohsiung Bar Association in September. Mr. Lu Weidong, Director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice, visited the Law Society on 20 March. Immediate Past President Stephen Hung and Mr. Neville Cheng, Vice Chairman of the Greater China Legal Affairs Committee introduced to Mr. Lu the role and functions of the Law Society and the development of the legal services industry in Hong Kong.

Delegation from the Kaohsiung Bar Association visited the Law Society.