YSG : Distinguished Speakers’ Luncheon

On 26 August, the Young Solicitors’ Group (“YSG”) together with almost 70 members were honoured to host a luncheon with The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma as the Guest of Honour.

At the luncheon, the Chief Justice spoke on the topic “Twenty Years of the Court of Final Appeal”. The Chief Justice described the various challenges the CFA has faced since its establishment upon the handover, how it has overcome the same, and continues to be a bastion of justice within the city.

The Chief Justice in particular stressed the importance of the Courts of Hong Kong to professionally execute its duties of upholding the laws of the city and to resist the political and social pressures imposed on it from all the different stakeholders in Hong Kong, including political groups, the government, the media or sections of the public.

Despite the many challenges the Courts are facing, the Chief Justice remains optimistic that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Hong Kong citizenry as enshrined in the Basic Law, the Bill of Rights Ordinance and various international treaties including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights will continue to be upheld.

We would like to thank Chief Justice Ma for spending time to share his knowledge and views with our young members and for leading the Judiciary and Hong Kong by the rule of law.

If you would like to read the full speech of the Chief Justice at the luncheon, please visit http://www.hklawsoc.org.hk/mem/photos/390_YSGSpeech2017.pdf.

Reported by Anson Douglas 

The Chief Justice with participating members.

The Chief Justice delivering his speech.