YSG Explore HK Event

On 30 April, the Young Solicitors’ Group (“YSG”) organised its first Explore HK event, a series aimed at helping our members explore the lesser known sides of Hong Kong, so as to understand and better appreciate this city we all call our home.

Our members joined us on a hike in Tai Tam Country Park, guided by Mr. Stuart Woods, a local WWII heritage enthusiast and a professional photographer; Mr. David Willock, also a local WWII heritage enthusiast and a snake catching expert; and Dr. Wong Chun Lam who assisted in first aid duty.

Not only was it a good opportunity for some exercise on a Sunday morning, it also got our members to venture deep into the vegetation of the park, trek up steep slopes and explore hidden tunnels in the mountains, which were dug by the British forces during colonial times to hold off the Japanese invasion during WWII.

Armed with torches and adventurous hearts, our members followed each other into the long, dark, winding tunnels. There our members witnessed the poor conditions our forefathers lived in during wartime and learned how the various exits to the tunnels created important vantage points for gunning down the enemy.

Our members also saw various creatures that are not usually seen in the city, including bats, cave crickets, and the scary-looking cave centipede.

The event was well received by our members. With your support, we hope to increase the scale of our next Explore HK event. Stay tuned and do get in touch with the YSG if you have any great ideas of where we should visit next!

For members who are interested in joining events organised/arranged by the YSG, please visit http://www.hklawsoc.org.hk/pub_e/ysg, join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/young.solicitorsgroup) or contact Assistant Director, Member Services at adms@hklawsoc.org.hk.

Group photo in Tai Tam Country Park.

Mr. Stuart Woods speaking to our participants in the underground tunnels.