Echo Zhao

Partner, Shanghai SF Lawyers

Echo is a Partner at Shanghai SF Lawyers, a member firm of KPMG Global Legal Services. She concentrates her practice on private client matters, including wealth/estate planning, trust law, business succession, etc. She has extensive experience in advising private clients on multi-jurisdictional estate planning. Her extensive corporate investment experience and foreign law education enable her to tackle the most complicated challenges. Echo has made tremendous contributions to educating Chinese wealth management community on tax, trust, estate planning, CRS and FATCA regimes over the past years by delivering over 200 lectures and speeches to wealth management firms, private banks, and other financial institutions and family offices. She is nationally and regionally ranked among top practitioners in representing private clients. Echo is qualified in China and California.

China’s rapid path to economic development over the past 40 years is well documented by the accumulation of its wealth, as well as the emergence of an entrepreneurial population with strategic…
May 2021