Gordon Oldham

Senior Partner, Oldham, Li & Nie 

Gordon Oldham is a Senior Partner at OLN Oldham, Li & Nie Solicitors. He is a veteran Hong Kong lawyer, who arrived in the city in 1978 and formed OLN Oldham, Li & Nie - Solicitors in 1987, which currently has over 45 lawyers and legal professionals. In addition to being a lawyer, Gordon is involved in commercial work drawing on his experience of having been engaged as a principal in a number of businesses in Hong Kong and Asia. His philosophy in legal work is to give practical legal solutions to clients, to work hand-in-hand with them in their business development and offer a more rounded approach to business situations.

According to the recent Financial Times article ominously titled ‘Companies consider writing Hong Kong out of legal contracts,’ multinationals are reviewing whether or not to exclude Hong Kong from…
April 2021