Sasha Allison

Barrister-at-Law, Central Chambers

Sasha Allison is a barrister specialising in family law. She works on matters involving legal issues spanning from womb to beyond the tomb. Prior to joining the Hong Kong Bar, Sasha was a practising solicitor in Hong Kong working in the family law department of a well established local law firm. She is a trained family mediator, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Arbitrators and tutors family law in the PCLL programme at the Hong Kong University.

The very first matrimonial financial dispute was resolved recently under the Hong Kong Private Family Adjudication (“PFA”) pilot scheme. Sasha Allison speaks to the two Counsel representing the...
7 August 2020
The History of Cap. 481 In 1971, a wave of reforming legislation was introduced to regulate family and inheritance laws in Hong Kong in a bid to diminish the application of customary Chinese law...
14 January 2020
Introduction Last year, the highly publicised case of Owens v Owens [2018] AC 899 generated considerable attention on the legal framework for divorce in England and Wales. In brief,...
14 October 2019
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