Sherlin Tung

Partner, Withers

Sherlin is a partner in the international arbitration and litigation team. She is a specialist in cross-border disputes, international commercial arbitration, and multi-jurisdiction litigations. With over a decade of experience, Sherlin has advised clients in Asia, the Americas, and Europe on all phases and aspects of cross-border disputes (both litigation and arbitration). Sherlin also advises clients on the enforcement of international arbitral awards and/or court judgments. Sherlin has a rare set of skills given her unique background. Her career has given her the ability to be involved in all roles of a dispute. Given this experience, she is able to understand the overlaying objectives of not only of her clients but also the strategies implemented by counterparties, how arbitral tribunal members/judges think, and how arbitral institutions/courts operate.

Sherlin regularly speaks in conferences worldwide and gives lectures and trainings on international arbitration and cross-border disputes.

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April 2021