Tammy Yeung

Assistant Solicitor, Ng, Au Yeung & Partners

Tammy was admitted as a Solicitor in Hong Kong in July 2017. Her practice focuses on civil litigation. She also has experience in handling matters related to family law and criminal litigation.

“Game meat” generally refers to the meat of any wild animals hunted for food or for sport. It is still consumed in many parts of the world. However, numerous studies also suggest that it is the...
12 October 2020
Introduction Tree preservation is widely discussed in Hong Kong these days. Interestingly, it is not a new issue at the turn of this century. In fact, it has been a concern of our government since...
8 July 2020
Just like SARS, a viral respiratory disease which claimed hundreds of lives back in 2003, recent investigation reveals that the primary source of the new virus behind COVID-19 is likely to be bats...
6 May 2020
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