Yau Chi Keung Victor

Managing Partner,
Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers

A Hong Kong qualified solicitor, law graduate from the University of London and post-graduate certificate in laws holder from the University of Hong Kong. He is presently a China-Appointed Attesting Officer. Mr. Yau used to be a coach of mediation course in Hong Kong Baptist University (2009) and coach of the mediation courses in Hong Kong Law Society (2009). He is the managing partner (2019) of Yu Sun Yau Mak & Lawyers, director and legal consultant of many commercial and non-profit organizations.

On 18th October 2019, the High Court of Hong Kong handed down judgment on a judicial review challenging the definition of marriage, namely MK v the Government of HKSAR (HCAL 1077/2018)....
9 March 2020
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