101 Reasons to Kill All the Lawyers

That Part which Laws or Lawyers can Cause or Cure

Former Hong Kong-based lawyer and cartoonist Paul Brennan, now back in Australia, tackles the age-old trend of lawyers making fun of lawyers in this book titled after his blog. The book has gained plaudits for its no-holds barred, tongue-in-cheek take on lawyers, which includes an anecdote that took place in the Kowloon magistrates court.

Its tone is perhaps best set out in its preface: “Although, certain classes of people have an irrational bias against lawyers, such as those married to them, most people generally like their own lawyer and encourage their own children to be lawyers, while disliking or at least being greatly irritated by other people’s lawyers, government lawyers, trainee lawyers, barrack room lawyers, lawyer nephews and, quite understandably, law students.”

But as Australia’s Law Institute Journal added in a review, there is nothing depressing about 101 Reasons, which is “also about things Paul says lawyers are not expected to know about but probably should such as change, innovation, emotions, relationships and sex.”

Like we said, it’s a no-holds barred barrel of laughs.