Hong Kong Lawyer’s Advertising Guidelines

Revised 12/31/2016

The purpose of these Advertising Guidelines is to define the relationship between Hong Kong Lawyer (“HKL”) and its advertising partners, as well as between editorial and advertising content across all of HKL’s print and digital products and platforms. Our main goal in these guidelines is to ensure that HKL maintains its editorial integrity as well as the trust of its readers. These guidelines also define the kinds of advertising and sponsored content published by HKL as well as specifies the circumstances under which HKL would choose not to publish a piece of advertising content.

General Advertising Guidelines

These guidelines shall apply to all advertisements and Sponsored Content (also called Native Advertising) served by or appearing in the print and digital publications of HKL, including ads purchased under our standard terms and conditions.

  • HKL will not allow any relationship with an advertiser to compromise its editorial integrity.
  • All advertising content must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. HKL will label an advertisement with the word “Advertisement” when, in its opinion, doing so is necessary to clearly distinguish between editorial and advertising content.
  • Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads are adequately substantiated and comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines. While the content of advertising does not necessarily reflect the views of HKL or its editorial board or team, if, in our opinion, an ad contains demonstrably false or unlawful content, HKL will remove the ad in whole or in part.
  • HKL may exercise its discretion to refuse or remove any advertising that is inconsistent with or may tend to bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to HKL’s brand.

HKL Sponsored Content Guidelines

Sponsored Content is content created or commissioned by advertisers in collaboration with HKL’s Sponsored Content team. HKL allows Sponsored Content that is produced by HKL’s Sponsored Content team as commissioned by its advertising partners.

As with all advertising, Sponsored Content does not necessarily reflect the views and choices of HKL’s editorial board or team. HKL will prominently display one or both of the following disclaimers on all Sponsored Content: (1) “Sponsored Content” or (2) “Sponsored by [name & logo of sponsor]”. HKL may additionally include, in certain areas and platforms, further explanation defining Sponsored Content to our readers. In addition, HKL will ensure the treatment and design of Advertising and Sponsored Content is clearly differentiated from its editorial content.

HKL reserves the right to refuse publication of such content that, in its own judgment, would undermine the intellectual integrity, authority, and character of our enterprise.

As with all advertising, and consistent with the foregoing General Advertising Guidelines, HKL may reject or remove any Sponsored Content at any time that contains false, deceptive, potentially misleading, or illegal content; is inconsistent with or may tend to bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to HKL’s brand.

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