Editor's Note Aug 2021

As the globe recently witnessed the skillfulness, camaraderie and victories in the much-awaited Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, one can easily see the benefits of competition. Competition encourages you to bring your best foot forward and push yourself to unseen limits. The same can be applied to businesses and consumers - to ensure the best quality of material, offering or service, you need competition. For consumers, competition can yield lower costs and prices for goods and services and more choices and variety. However, such competitive behaviour can be deeply compromised when businesses engage in anti-competitive activities such as price-fixing, exclusive dealing, anti-competitive tying, amongst others. The Competition Commission, an independent statutory body established under the Competition Ordinance (Cap. 619), is responsible for safe-guarding and promoting competitive behaviour in the city. Our Cover Story this month features its Chairman, Samuel Chan, who shares recent wins and achievements the Commission has experienced as well as certain challenges and misconceptions that still exist.

Our features this month discuss the practical implications of a range of important topics. Our first feature provides valuable insight on the common practice of solicitors (acting for the intended appellant in an appeal), serving the notice of appeal on those acting for the intended respondent in the court below and whether such a practice needs to be revisited in light of FNG v BCJ. Our second feature explores the use of the Hong Kong Legal Cloud, a data storage service for local legal and dispute resolution practitioners from an arbitrator’s perspective and our third feature examines the legal status of one of the hottest topics in recent times – crypto-assets.

In our Practice Skills section this month, we again have a very applicable article on how lawyers can maintain and enhance competitiveness, collaboration and professional standards. Our Lawyers at Leisure article takes a close look at the inspirations and artworks of an ardent painter with plenty of images that showcase his remarkable work.