Editor's Note Jul 2020

In the words of Richard M Mosk, “whenever money is at stake, there is potential for misbehaviour”. Prior to the Civil Justice Reform (CJR), lawyers were sometimes taking on and initiating frivolous litigation cases and generally misbehaving in the hope that inter alia the other party might be encouraged to reach an out-of-court settlement. In 2015, the CJR Monitoring Committee which was established in 2009 to monitor the civil litigation system after the CJR was implemented, concluded that among other things, “[j]udges have taken up their case management roles more seriously to prevent abuses and excesses that may delay trials and increase costs. Parties and their legal representatives have been adopting a more cost-conscious, efficiency-conscious and sensible approach in litigation, as compared with the Pre-CJR Period.” The Civil Litigation Feature article analyses a recent case that touched on inter alia abuse of process. In a similar context, the Practice Skills offers tips for countering dirty negotiation tactics.

Also noteworthy are the Regulatory & Compliance Feature and the Environmental Law Feature. The former is based on the recent regulatory updates for cryptocurrencies (virtual assets) in Hong Kong, which was announced in the Financial Secretary’s 2020 – 2021 budget speech. As for the latter, we know that tree preservation is important for various reasons, including our survival. The article demonstrates that tree planting and preservation have been in the minds of our government for a long time.

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Navin G. Ahuja
Editor, Hong Kong Lawyer
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